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The Uglies Play Tonight!

The Uglies have a lot going on. They’re transitioning to a three-piece sound, and are recording a new EP this summer, with a more doo-wop/garagey direction than past releases. They took a minute to chat about influences and favorites, and you can hear a bit of what they’re about by clicking play below. But the new tunes aren’t online yet, so come out to the show tonight to see what’s cookin’!


Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

I think our biggest influences for The Uglies writing style is Beach House, The Strokes, The Walkmen, and The Love Language.


What is some music worth sharing? Something new? Local favorites?

The Lemons, a local Chicago band is favorite of mine right now! They are a fun band to wiggle to. They remind me of The Black Lips but way cuter. Here is their Bandcamp:



Thursday, 5/29 at the Green Room

with Arts & Letters

21+ | $5 | Doors at 8:30, Show at 9

Get tickets HERE

Network Spotlight: Notes + Bolts

Kriss Stress has been documenting oral histories and stories of Chicago’s musical community since early 2012, and today marked episode #250 with Oshwa. An active part of helping the scene both grow and unite, I’m happy to have Notes + Bolts as part of the looking glass network.


The network is simply folks that offer services to the Chicago music scene that I vouch for. I recognize looking glass doesn’t offer everything a band may need in order to succeed, and we certainly don’t have time to do it all, so I fully endorse other Chicagoans who do good things. Kriss is one of those people, and I highly encourage you to scroll through the Notes + Bolts archive to hear conversations with and music by some of the amazing bands in our city. Folks included are Thunders, Vaya, Bowl of Dust & Co., An Aesthetic Anaesthetic, The Lemons, The Columbines, Swimsuit Addition, Landmarks, Lil Tits, Le Tour, Strychnine, Flesh Panthers, Disappears, Vamos, Rabble Rabble, Velcro Lewis Group, Mucca Pazza, Plastic Crimewave Syndicate and many more.


record store day

Record Store Day in Chicago!

Two of my favorite holidays are this weekend! I hope you’re all planning on celebrating Record Store Day by hitting up a local shop and buying some good music. There’s plenty to do in Chicago, and below is what I was able to round-up. I’m certain this isn’t everything, but it’s enough to get you going. I’ll be at Bric-A-Brac, ’cause it’s super close and super local. Check out what’s happening, then get out and enjoy the day!


Reckless Records

3PM Circuit Des Yeux
4PM Dance Mania DJs (Parrish Mitchell & Jammin’ Gerald)
630PM Kim Deal, Kelley Deal & Morgan Nagler


1-2PM Ghost B.C. Convocation (this is not a signing)…
Civilian Papa will be showing up to give anyone in attendance the 360 degree Papa experience. Photos will be his and your pleasure
3PM Lord Mantis (bring yer earplugs)
4PM Video Bug (members of Speck Mountain)




Logan Hardware

I can’t find if something’s happening at Logan, but even if not, you should probably go ’cause Logan Hardware is awesome.



1:30pm – Creepoid (Philly)
2:30pm – Ne-Hi
3:45pm – Gourmet Jerk
4:15pm – Empire Records Soundtrack cover band
5:00pm – Nick Van Horn
6:30pm – Star Tropics
8:00pm – Uh Bones


Laurie’s Planet of Sound

12:00-2:00 BLVD Ppwer Hour(s) W/Fake Limbs + Savage Sister!!!!

2:00 TBA
3:00 The Lemons
4:00 Phil Angotti & Friends’ “Sounds of Silence”
5:00 The Handcuffs
6:00 Silver Abuse
7:00 Mazes


Permanent Records

3pm – Plumb Bob
4pm – Quicksails
5pm – Mines
6pm – Unmanned Ship


Dave’s Records

Candy! Cupcakes! Free Stuff(until it runs out)! As many of the limited releases as we can obtain! 50% off all used 7″ and 12″ singles!


Gramaphone Records

There will be new Gphone Tote and Stickers to give away. The Totes will be free with a $45 purchase.


Local Artists will be celebrating their Vinyl releases with 10% off the releases.


The Artists/Label Owners releasing and performing will be Chris Gray of Deep4Life, Jerome Derradji of Still Music and Stilove4music, Steve Mizek of Argot and Tasteful Nudes, Smooth agent Record’s Sean Smith along with Chicago Diva Carla Prather performing.


Jordan Fields of Headphoniq and Klapmaster fame will be playing and giving away some goodies.


Perpetual Rhythms artists playing in store will be Chicago Skyway, Chicagodeep, Taelue, Dave Cook and Dj Mar.


Also the new Greg K release on Danzon Records with artist Gonzo Gonzo both doing live dj sets.


Kicking it off will be Dj Harry Tyner with more info to come.


Dusty Groove Records

Special gift for the first 100 customers!
Spin the wheel of fortune with every purchase!
Refreshments and free giveaways all day long!
Live magic in the early afternoon!
Special surprises TBA!


THEN, once your shopping adventures have completed, be sure to come out to the Green Room to catch the show!

Distractions Distortions

Head to Distractions Distortions Tonight!

looking glass doesn’t have a show tonight, so I’m fully endorsing your decision to head here. LOTS of bands I know and love, including Mr. Ma’am! They’re playing early and should hit the stage at 7:30, so be sure to get there on time. AND, there’s free beer while it lasts, so another reason earlier is better. Click HERE for more details.