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El Mejor and The Hanging Gardens Tonight!

REALLY excited for tonight’s show! Definitely dig the sounds of both bands on the bill, and I invite you to join me for a night of some solid psych-rock and roll experiences.


El Mejor’s noise comes from a mutual love for bands like Black Sabbath, The Stooges and Fugazi, as well as early hardcore, punk and noise-rock. They create a sound that is heavy and chaotic while maintaining precision and melody. Check ’em out!




The Hanging Gardens are one of my favorite local bands, and you definitely want to come early to see ’em (9:30). They previously played looking glass’ first showcase at The Burlington, and you can catch part of that set below.


Saturday, 9/27 at the Green Room

El Mejor and The Hanging Gardens

21+ | $5 | Doors at 9, Show at 9:30

Get tickets HERE

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Dark Fog and The Hanging Gardens at The Burlington

On Wednesday, 7/23, looking glass’ first showcase event took place at The Burlington. A few folks in attendance caught some great shots and videos throughout the night. Check ’em out!


Dark Fog pictures are thanks to John Mourlas (click-thru to see ’em all):

johnmourlas-darkfog2 johnmourlas-darkfog3


The Hanging Gardens pics and video are thanks to Deep Cover (click-thru to see ’em all):

dark fog

Dark Fog Headline the First Looking Glass Showcase Tomorrow!

Super excited to kick off looking glass’ first showcase tomorrow night at the Burlington, and couldn’t be happier to have Dark Fog headlining the bill. I’m consistently in awe of how much noise these two guys make. And it’s GOOD noise – my kind of heavy, psychedelic rock and roll. Since the release of their 4-track “EXOTICA The Exciting Sounds Of Dark Fog” last May, they’ve been buying up analog recording gear in the form of various Reel to Reel recorders and upgrading some of their microphones. Alongside the hunting, they’re currently recording what will be Dark Fog’s next full-length record, which is outlined to be released this fall (Sept/Oct-ish). They took a few minutes before tomorrow’s show to talk influences and favorites, so hit play to give ’em a listen and keep reading to learn more.


Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

60s psyche rock, 60s Sunshine Pop, The Funk Brothers, The Wrecking Crew, Scott Walker, the Pretty Things, Can, Amon Duul II, Betty Davis, Sly Stone, and, of course, we like a whole lot of the big boys of classic M.Bolan(t.rex), Zep, the Who, Bowie, etc…both of us sort of came of age as musicians in the 90s so we’re pretty partial to the whole shoegaze sound as well… at some point, as a musician, your influences become much harder to pinpoint, because there are probably too many to count…it also becomes this unconscious thing…musicians hear something cool and put it in their bag of tricks unknowingly…(Hacks Borrow, Artists Steal)…not to mention that some musicians (and non-musicians, for that matter) provide non-musical influences that will permeate the music to a degree…politics, attitudes, shit like that…


What is some music worth sharing? Something new? Local favorites?

Love the new Rabble Record, Energy Gown, anything with Ben Billington on it, Ryley Walker, Crime Wave, Dead RiderMiracle Condition, Mako Sika, Velcro Lewis, VamosLawrence Peters Outfit, anything off Eye Vybe or Maximum Pelt, Jacco Gardner…There’s so much cool shit going on right now in Chicago…pretty much if our friends are in it, it must be cool…hahahahaha…but honestly, Ryley Walker’s West Wind EP was incredibly powerful…



Wednesday, 7/23 at the Burlington

with Names Divine, The Hanging Gardens and DJ Psychedalex

21+ | $5 | Doors at 8:30, Show at 9