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brittle branches

Brittle Branches Show Tonight!

Brittle Branches is an electropop band whose genre on Facebook reads “Sleepwave/Napcore.” You may have heard ’em last month on Chicago Mixtape, alongside folks like Elephant Gun, Strawberry Jacuzzi, and Swimsuit Addition. Regardless, check ’em out below, and continue reading to learn some influences and favorites.


Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Some of our musical influences are old favorites like Hum and Of Montreal, and newcomers like CHVRCHES and Passion Pit.


What is some music worth sharing? Something new? Local favorites?

Locally, Ampersand Posture, Diode Milliampere, and Secret Science are doing great work.



Saturday, 6/7 at the Green Room

with Mobby RenDoza and Volutes

21+ | $5 | Doors at 9, Show at 9:30

Get tickets HERE

Network Spotlight: Notes + Bolts

Kriss Stress has been documenting oral histories and stories of Chicago’s musical community since early 2012, and today marked episode #250 with Oshwa. An active part of helping the scene both grow and unite, I’m happy to have Notes + Bolts as part of the looking glass network.


The network is simply folks that offer services to the Chicago music scene that I vouch for. I recognize looking glass doesn’t offer everything a band may need in order to succeed, and we certainly don’t have time to do it all, so I fully endorse other Chicagoans who do good things. Kriss is one of those people, and I highly encourage you to scroll through the Notes + Bolts archive to hear conversations with and music by some of the amazing bands in our city. Folks included are Thunders, Vaya, Bowl of Dust & Co., An Aesthetic Anaesthetic, The Lemons, The Columbines, Swimsuit Addition, Landmarks, Lil Tits, Le Tour, Strychnine, Flesh Panthers, Disappears, Vamos, Rabble Rabble, Velcro Lewis Group, Mucca Pazza, Plastic Crimewave Syndicate and many more.


Distractions Distortions

Head to Distractions Distortions Tonight!

looking glass doesn’t have a show tonight, so I’m fully endorsing your decision to head here. LOTS of bands I know and love, including Mr. Ma’am! They’re playing early and should hit the stage at 7:30, so be sure to get there on time. AND, there’s free beer while it lasts, so another reason earlier is better. Click HERE for more details.