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Every Song Ever Ben Ratliff

Listening to the Sounds of Music

There’s a new book by Ben Ratliff called Every Song Ever: Twenty Ways to Listen in an Age of Musical Plenty, and Pitchfork recently posted a write-up about it alongside an interview with the author.

Every Song Ever Ben Ratliff

In order to navigate today’s landscape of music abundance, Ratliff argues a seemingly obvious proposal: listen to the sound. He argues by removing genre, culture, and biography from the scope, one can better hear and navigate the overwhelming amount of sounds available today.


A chapter on the utility of speed in music connects the dots between jazz pianist Bud Powell, 19th-century classical composer Franz Liszt, and OutKast, explaining that fleetness is “best heard as an expression of joy, and best played when it seems to have no practical purpose.”


I found the idea pretty interesting, and I definitely plan to give it a read. You can check out the full article HERE.