Memorial Day Monday

A big thank you to everyone pastpresent&future who sacrifices their life for my own or the greater good. In honor of the day, I’m sharing below a recording of Glenn Miller & The Army Air Force Band’s “In the Mood.”


A bit of history for ya: “In 1942, he enlisted in the US Army Air Force leaving behind civilian life but not his music. Appointed as a Captain in the Army Specialist Corps, he devoted himself to raising soldiers’ morale by modernizing the army band. After completing basic training, Miller organized the Glenn Miller Army Air Force Band, which has been acclaimed by some as his best musical group.  Like Miller’s previous endeavors, the Army Air Force Band was a great triumph. Miller and his group kept up a hectic schedule of tours and performances. During its time, the band gave over 800 performances, more than 300 of which were personal appearances. The other 500 were broadcasts heard by millions of listeners.” Click here to read more from the source.