Dark Fog and The Hanging Gardens at The Burlington

On Wednesday, 7/23, looking glass’ first showcase event took place at The Burlington. A few folks in attendance caught some great shots and videos throughout the night. Check ‘em out!


Dark Fog pictures are thanks to John Mourlas (click-thru to see ‘em all):

johnmourlas-darkfog2 johnmourlas-darkfog3


The Hanging Gardens pics and video are thanks to Deep Cover (click-thru to see ‘em all):

Chicago Sun-Times Features our Gear Recovery Facebook Group

I created a Facebook group to help musicians recover gear stolen in Chicago, and soon afterward received a call from the Chicago Sun-Times. They were interested in the problem of gear theft in the city, and this week they published an article in the paper and online, alongside a short video (below), to help spread the word.


looking glass is about helping musicians succeed, and something like van/gear theft can completely kill a musician’s livelihood, savings, and progress. As the article states, it’s our goal the group will alert people who are in the music scene so details about missing gear goes viral among people likely to come into contact with gear. Check it out HERE, and it’d be great if you joined and spread the invitation.