My Canadian Girlfriend Play the Green Room this Thursday!

My Canadian Girlfriend make alternative, indie rock music here in Chicago. Right now they’re knee-deep in an album or two’s worth of new recordings, and there may be a music video coming soon! They’re playing and writing with a new guitarist, Mike Tolva, who will join them on-stage this Thursday. Up next, they’re playing an acoustic set at Bottom Lounge (opening for Lucky Boys Confusion) end of August and playing the Aberdeen Pub’s Pig Roast in early September. But no need to wait to see ‘em, just come out to the Green Room this Thursday!


They took a few minutes to chat with us about the band’s influences and some of their recent favorites. Hit play below to hear ‘em, and keep reading to learn more.


Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

We each love a lot of different music but we also have lots in common. Mike and I both hold Iron Maiden’s “Live After Death” album as one of our early cornerstones. “The Album” by ABBA was my first record and I still love it, AC/DC “Dirty Deeds” followed. My guitar playing is most influenced by British acoustic folk music, Chris Whitley, John Scofield, Jimmy Page and Richie Havens. Mark’s a big Guided By Voices guy. We all love Polvo, Led Zeppelin, Superchunk, and Neil Young.


What is some music worth sharing? Something new? Local favorites?

I’ve rediscovered RJD2, The Fixx and Deerhoof, so that’s what I’m doing right now. That new-ish St. Vincent’s record is great. We love Bottomless Pit, Pinebender, they both happen to be local. There’s a surfeit of great local and great “local” music—worlds within worlds really. For example, you added SIRS to the Thursday show… We know of them primarily because of one such world: the PRF, which is a ragtag group loosely organized around one of the best recording studios in the world (Electrical Audio) and an aesthetic and ethic harbored there-in. Dozens of outstanding bands…some from Chicago, some from other countries… And it all feels local because the home fires burn here in Chicago. But I digress…



Thursday, 7/31 at the Green Room

with SIRS and The Drafts

21+ | $5 | Doors at 8:30, Show at 9

Get tickets HERE

Dark Fog and The Hanging Gardens at The Burlington

On Wednesday, 7/23, looking glass’ first showcase event took place at The Burlington. A few folks in attendance caught some great shots and videos throughout the night. Check ‘em out!


Dark Fog pictures are thanks to John Mourlas (click-thru to see ‘em all):

johnmourlas-darkfog2 johnmourlas-darkfog3


The Hanging Gardens pics and video are thanks to Deep Cover (click-thru to see ‘em all):

Chicago Sun-Times Features our Gear Recovery Facebook Group

I created a Facebook group to help musicians recover gear stolen in Chicago, and soon afterward received a call from the Chicago Sun-Times. They were interested in the problem of gear theft in the city, and this week they published an article in the paper and online, alongside a short video (below), to help spread the word.


looking glass is about helping musicians succeed, and something like van/gear theft can completely kill a musician’s livelihood, savings, and progress. As the article states, it’s our goal the group will alert people who are in the music scene so details about missing gear goes viral among people likely to come into contact with gear. Check it out HERE, and it’d be great if you joined and spread the invitation.