Karl Neurauter Opens the Show Tonight!

Karl Neurauter makes some beautiful music, which you can hear below, tonight at the show, and on an upcoming episode of Parenthood. The tracks below were recorded at the Moon Phase Ranch, a studio that operates on 18 acres of farm land about an hour south of Austin. “The place was designed to foster creativity, and I feel like that’s reflected in the recordings.”


Karl claims his folk-like sounds are influenced most by Josh Homme, Murder By Death and Wilco. “I love their display of singer/songwritership in addition to the ability to bring those ideas to a whole new life with a very talented band.”


Give ‘em a listen below, then be sure to hit the show early tonight to catch ‘em live!



Thursday, 8/21 at the Green Room

with Doug Shotwell and the Right Hand Band and The Papers

21+ | $5 | Doors at 8:30, Show at 9

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Doug Shotwell and the Right Hand Band Play Tomorrow!

Doug Shotwell and the Right Hand Band released their first album this March. It’s pretty great, and you can hear it below. They’re out and about playing shows now, including TOMORROW at the Green Room, and between shows they’re penning new tunes for our pleasure. Definitely check these guys out, and keep reading to learn a bit more about ‘em. Doors are at 8:30 tomorrow, and these guys will be hitting the stage at 11!


Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Our musical influences are definitely a mixed bag of all sorts of things. Everything from Jeff Buckley to Erykah Badu. We all really stem from different avenues of music so we all have a lot of different musical choices to share with each other.


What is some music worth sharing? Something new? Local favorites?

There’s a lot of really great local Chicago music out there right now. We have really formed great relationships with some great bands like Luke Henry & Rabbitfoot. Also Woo Park and Lighten Up. Definitely should check them out.



Thursday, 8/21 at the Green Room

with The Papers and Karl Neurauter

21+ | $5 | Doors at 8:30, Show at 9

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Recommended Show of the Day

With so many great shows every night in Chicago, the least we can do is call out one we think you should check out. Today’s recommendation comes from Tracy:



“Jacco Gardner is one of my favorite artists. Makes incredible music, and puts on a live show that completely transports you to a better time, place and feeling. I absolutely recommend hitting the Bottle tonight!”



Monday, 8/18 at the Empty Bottle

Jacco Gardner with Bare Mutants and Midnight Masses

21+ | $10 | Doors at 9

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